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Live house 之自己愛情自己捍衛

Yunni is not a regular Hong Kong woman, because she has the gentleness of her sister, and the staunchness of Hong Kong women. When she meets her boyfriend, she must defend her. And her boyfriend Jack, who knows in the live house where he lives, is a very talented person, because he is too talented, often there are a lot of mad bees around Jack, making Yunni very upset.

However, the mad bee butterfly also used the color lure to embrace the hug, so that Jack could not resist, and finally the female fan named Chole Wu was secretly tied, and finally a relationship occurred. Winnie knows that she is very sad, of course, but she does not blame Jack, but plans to serially defend the love, let this Chole Wu die….

Yunnie felt that all men were greedy and forgetful. He saw that Hu Liqing was very hot and had angels. So she began to learn how to dress up, and also participated in those breast enhancement treatments, making herself more like a “goddess”……..