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Going to Shanghai to go shopping? Go to live house and listen to music (2)

Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city. From the previous Qing Dynasty to China, it has attracted many foreigners to invest, work and visit. Although China has only been open for more than 30 years, its development has changed from the past. Although Hong Kong is also an international city, the development in recent years has made many foreign investment deterred. It is willing to enter the Chinese mainland directly and not come to Hong Kong. Therefore, if Hong Kong people really want Hong Kong to continue to be China’s window, they should go to the Mainland. Take a walk and see, don’t always put politics in the mouth. Although the country does not agree with certain policies, after all, China can develop into the status quo, and it can be achieved by the characteristics that the Western countries do not have. A Hong Kong person must recognize it.

When I go to work in Shanghai, I have to take it easy. The live house that I introduced to you this time is based on the Jazz style. Jazz gives a lazy feeling, go here, don’t sleep!


Ren Yuqing, the founder of Jzclub, was a Beijing musician and later went to Singapore to study music. After graduating, I went back to Shanghai to develop, and then started his jazz road. In 2004, I started JZ club jazz in Shanghai. Every day, different Chinese and foreign friends play here. It is a jazz fan who will come to the Holy Land.