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中銀「延期還本」計畫延長至下年 4 月底



今次中國銀行香港決定將該計畫延期至2021年 4 月底,並計畫將申請範圍擴大至房委會資助房屋。據該行公佈的數據,至計畫推出以來,已成功批出超過 2, 500 宗申請,反映市場對此類計畫需求殷切,希望延長服務期限,能解顧客資金問題。

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曾幾何時,當香港人聽到「負資產」都會聞風喪膽,個個頓時臉色一沉,好像他們也身歷其境似的。在這個時期的香港人,都真的很愁,不過後來 SARS 後,因為內地開放自由行,香港經濟逐漸有了氣息。

產」危機,皆因現在很多人根本沒有足夠能力上車,是借足 9 成上樓的,如果樓價跌一成,這班人就會負資產。



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“Back to the Future” Kind of TV Series

“Back to the Future” was a movie release in 1985. The story of the movies was about a person found out he could travel through time by accident.

In the movie, the person who invented the time travel, Doc said the future could be altered if the person traveled to the past wasn’t careful about what he did. However, if you saw another movie released last year, “Avengers: End Game”, Banner said the future would not be altered, instead it would create another parallel to what have already happened.

Well which version is true? No one knows for sure. As no one has done that before? Right?

I personally is not a fan of this kind of time travel TV series or movies. I don’t mind watching if the story is good, and it is the case with the Mandarin TV series “one day or some day”. It is romantic love story, kind of “somewhere in time” but in a more complex way. As the time travels not just happen to main actress and actor, it also happen to the actor in a supporting role where he played a major part of the actress death in the past.

Anyway it is an interesting TV series, and you should watch it.