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Mandarin Singers List

There are a lot of Mandarin singers, from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and all over the world. Some big names singers like Jay Chau, Jolin Tsai, AMei, David Tao, Hebe Tian, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau … are among the famous singers. But recently there are a group of younger singers that also sing very beautifully, e.g. Crowd Lu, Eric Chau, Yoga Lin, Jia Jia, G.E.M, etc.

They are some of the most talented Mandarin songs singers today. GEM probably is the most famous in the group. She went to a lot of competitions in Mainland and became famous, and she has a powerful voice though she is a small lady is size.

Anyway this is some singers I think they performed well in the Mandarin pop song market today.

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New Mandarin Songs

New songs are coming everyday but what are the new songs for today? Here is the list of brand new mandarin pop songs from Youtube: (Because they are mandarin songs, only Chinese titles will be provided)

JJ Lin 《倖存者》

JiaJia 家家 /龔鈺祺 《夏天的浪花》


Janice Yan 閻奕格 《Let everything happen》

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We are the Champions!

Recently, I saw a movie called “Leap”, it is a Chinese movie supposed to be shown on the theaters early this year during Chinese New Year celebration. However, because of the coronavirus, many theaters were closed and hence movies were delayed to be shown on the big screen. One of them is Leap, the other one was “Mulan”, just to name a few.

The movie “Leap” is a story about the Chinese women volleyball team, or to be precise is about its current head coach, Jenny Lang Ping. The movie begins by showing how hard the Chinese women volleyball team worked during the 80s, the years which they won many gold medals in the international games and Jenny was a member during that time and in fact she was the major spiker.

The head coach at that time was very harsh on the team members, he trained them with hard defense schedule, with high and powerful spikes and also didn’t allow Jenny to touch any ball before she could lift 50 kgs of weight. During that time, Chinese women volleyball had few major competitors, e,g. the Japanese team, the Soviet Union, Cuba and etc. The Japanese team were best known for their defense, they could save many unbelievable spikes. Cuba and CCCP on the other hand were best known for their attacks, The Cuban could jump very high, and could hit a lot of powerful balls. However, the Chinese team managed to win the international competitions 5 years in a row!

80s were the golden era of Chinese women volleyball. However entering the millennium, the team went through a lot of ups and downs, though they won a gold medal in the 2004 Anthens Olympics games. After 2004 games, the starting lineups had a lot of injuries, and the head coach started to use a lot of new players which lead the results were not very good at time.

During the 2008 olympics games, Lang Ping was hired as the head coach of the USA women volleyball team. She swapped her sides and because the game was held in Beijing, it had a lot attention in the media. In the game of US – China game, China lost and the Chinese fans was furious about her. They thought Lang Ping had betrayed them, betrayed her own home country.

However, after the Beijing Olympics games, Lang Ping resigned her head coach post for the US and at last appointed as the head coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team. The team results didn’t went good for a while and even it went worse. They lost a lot of games and didn’t do good in the first round in Rio’s Olympics and the results were barely enough for the second round. Everyone didn’t think they can make through to the semi-finals, because their opponents in the second round was the world’s champion, Brazil.

However, because of Lang Ping, during the match, the team performed better and better, and in fact they forced the fifth set. In the fifth set, the scores were tight. Sometimes China led, sometimes Brazil led. At last China won the match and beat Croatia in the final. Lang Ping did the impossible.

It is a movie must watch for the Chinese women’s volleyball fan, it has a lot of emotions and brings a lot of memories of good and the bad.

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不過造成這個困境的是誰呢?有人說是前任曾蔭權,有人說是某些政黨,或政治聯盟,不過是什麼原因都好,最大原因是現在的年輕人都不太喜歡被人管,面對西方的自由思潮,他們認為自由才是最可貴,所以不識犯法也在所不計。有人說這樣的社會環境或可以為樓價降溫。不過是否又如此呢?近日金管局為樓宇按揭降低要求,800 萬以下的樓宇,可透過按揭保險做 9 成按揭,但這也仍然很困難,對於薪金仍然是萬多元的小伙子來說,真的不是那麼容易…….