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What are the consequences of using Whatsapp alone for CRM?

When investing, I often hear a saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, which means telling investors to diversify their risks, otherwise the easy money will be wiped out and all will be wiped out. In fact, it is the same in business, whether it is purchasing, marketing, or customer service.

In terms of marketing, many small businesses will focus their minds on one or two platforms. This is actually nothing wrong, because small businesses don’t have so many resources, everyone understands. However, because you are using someone else’s platform, the rules are what others say. If they think you are not abiding by the rules, they can instantly block your account. This is like the Twitter accounts of Trump and the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

Another example is the recent Whatsapp rumored to share user information with Fb, which led to a wave of exodus. This would also be the risk of companies concentrating on a single platform. Therefore, if you really want to do Whatsapp CRM, you should really pay attention to this.