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Arron Kwok Play With Daughters in Hong Kong

Aaron Kwok has been with his family in Hong Kong since filming the movie “My Dad is Different”. Recently, his family went to Repulse Bay for a spring trip. The children were catching crabs there. He also performed “Stones”. The family really had a great time. Excited.

A few days ago, “City Sister-in-law” also posted photos on social media. In addition to the mother and daughter going to the aquarium to see coral fish, they also posted warm photos of their two daughters and their father catching crab cubs.

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Bitcoin rises up to 48,000 USD

Recently, because Tesla founder Musk publicly stated that the company invested 1.5 billion US dollars, the bitcoin rose to 48,000 US dollars. In addition, he said that the company will pay bitcoin in the near future!

Actually, bitcoin has not risen for the first time. Recently, it may be because the real economy was created by the epidemic. In the case of the flood of funds, someone invested in bitcoin, hoping to get some return.