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The battle between tea and coffee? Is this cultural aggression?

Tea has an ancient history in the East. According to the Wiki, “tea” was mentioned in literary books written during the Western Han Dynasty. It was not until the Tang Dynasty that tea was carried forward and spread to East Asia, Japan and other places. But later, there was more contact between Eastern and Western cultures, until later in the colonial period of the West in the East, the Dutch brought coffee as a beverage to Asia, and then spread this culture in the region.

Coffee is popular among young people nowadays. Hand-made coffee is more popular, from the process of drying the beans, to roasting, and even brewing. In addition to reporting coffee courses as a hobby, some will buy various appliances, such as hand-made coffee pots, filter cups, filter papers, grinders, etc. It is equivalent to that in the Mainland, when some companies greet their customers, they will have a set of special tea sets, including a kettle, water, tea cups, tea dividers and so on. However, whether it is tea or coffee, it is a process of enjoying it. It is a life experience, not a cultural invasion.