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Can’t Get into the University or Die?

University is just one stage of life. If you can’t advance, frankly speaking, you don’t have to die. But when it comes to the question, if you read Form 6, what kind of work can you do? If you look at the job search website, there are really not many. Even if the graphic design is more focused on aesthetics, at least there is a diploma to prove that you have studied similar subjects, and you need some design experience. Commercial design is basically different from what you learn in school. In addition to basic design software such as Illustrator, you also need to know a little about Corel Draw, or Auto-CAD and other software.

Therefore, the author believes that if you are overwhelmed, you can’t go to college, you don’t have to die, but the problem is that you need at least an advanced diploma, so it will be easier to find a job first. But there is a difference between those who have a university degree and those who don’t. In addition to the lack of job types, the labor is still a bit worse.

So high school students should figure out as soon as possible what kind of career they want in the future, so that they can arrange it as soon as possible. So what are the ways to choose a university for DSE? Usually through the university JUPAS, if not, you can read High Dip or associate degree, and then enter the university, of course, you must do your best to read High Dip or associate degree, otherwise, you will not be able to read if your GPA is not enough!