Golden Financial Seems Like Collapsing

The listed company Goldin Financial has repeatedly reported financial difficulties. After being taken over by creditor Deutschland in the International Center of Goldin Financial in Kowloon Bay and sold for 14 billion yuan, it also sold the Kai Tak land and the Ho Man Tin station project in hopes of cashing out. The debt was repaid, and Ho Man Tin station even “fought a lawsuit” with Cheung Kong. In addition, Pan Sutong, the chairman of the group, mortgaged its properties one after another. The second mortgage shows that the group seems to be unable to hold it anymore!

Arron Kwok Play With Daughters in Hong Kong

Aaron Kwok has been with his family in Hong Kong since filming the movie “My Dad is Different”. Recently, his family went to Repulse Bay for a spring trip. The children were catching crabs there. He also performed “Stones”. The family really had a great time. Excited.

A few days ago, “City Sister-in-law” also posted photos on social media. In addition to the mother and daughter going to the aquarium to see coral fish, they also posted warm photos of their two daughters and their father catching crab cubs.




Bitcoin rises up to 48,000 USD

Recently, because Tesla founder Musk publicly stated that the company invested 1.5 billion US dollars, the bitcoin rose to 48,000 US dollars. In addition, he said that the company will pay bitcoin in the near future!

Actually, bitcoin has not risen for the first time. Recently, it may be because the real economy was created by the epidemic. In the case of the flood of funds, someone invested in bitcoin, hoping to get some return.

Eric Tsang Took Over New Role as TVB senior

Eric Tsang was photographed by the media yesterday and returned to TVB as deputy general manager in charge of variety shows and information programs on the first day. He returned to the company in a 7-person car at 10 o’clock. For administrative staff, most of them wear suits and ties, but Eric does not have a style. He wears jeans, sneakers, and a suit jacket. He is very stylish.

Food delivery on River

Modern food delivery is very different from the 1980s and 1990s. The delivery staff used to belong to the low-level industry, but now they belong to the noble industry. Many of the delivery staff who participate in the food delivery are free to work. They can go to work whenever they like to go to work, and the income can be settled, which is really suitable for modern people.

And the delivery company will also have more delivery methods depending on the region. For example, in Hong Kong, you can choose to use a scooter (motorcycle, bicycle, etc.), or walk delivery. These methods are of course not very novel, but in Thailand, some takeaways give up his original rigid freight work and start delivery services on the river.

It happened because he received an order one day and called the customer and found out that he was fishing on a nearby river, so the delivery man decided to punt the boat to deliver the food, which became this weird picture.

Hong Kong National Security Law: Hong Kong property prices are still hovering at high levels

Some people have immigrated because of the legislation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, and they said that there will be a wave of immigration. Some media say that the leaders of certain political parties and certain artists have moved to other countries after selling their properties at a price. But is this the case?

Zhongyuan boss Shi Yongqing wrote in his article on am730 that property prices have not fallen sharply since the enactment of the Hong Kong National Security Law. From the perspective of the Central Plains Index, the index published by the National Security Law (July 2020) On the 3rd), from 178.48 to the short term (February 3, 2021), 176.21 has dropped by 1.27%, which is not as severe as some media said.

This raises a question as to why those media want to belittle Hong Kong’s property market or magnify the “immigrant tide”? The author believes that it has nothing to do with their readership and even the newspaper’s position. Especially in today’s popular social media, because of the relationship between the algorithm, will deliberately push the content that users are interested in to them, and then strengthen their ideas. But whether their thinking is correct, this becomes a question.

The saying goes well: “Big talk will become true a hundred times.” It doesn’t mean that “big talk” really becomes “truth”, but “big talk” is said too much, and everyone thinks it is true. But a lie is always a lie, and there will be a day when it will be debunked. This is equivalent to saying that on August 31, 2019, anti-revision demonstrators were killed in Prince Edward Station because riot police entered the subway station, but they were provided from the subway. In the CCTV footage, you can’t see the situation at all.

So the most important thing for a person is analytical ability.

What are the consequences of using Whatsapp alone for CRM?

When investing, I often hear a saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, which means telling investors to diversify their risks, otherwise the easy money will be wiped out and all will be wiped out. In fact, it is the same in business, whether it is purchasing, marketing, or customer service.

In terms of marketing, many small businesses will focus their minds on one or two platforms. This is actually nothing wrong, because small businesses don’t have so many resources, everyone understands. However, because you are using someone else’s platform, the rules are what others say. If they think you are not abiding by the rules, they can instantly block your account. This is like the Twitter accounts of Trump and the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

Another example is the recent Whatsapp rumored to share user information with Fb, which led to a wave of exodus. This would also be the risk of companies concentrating on a single platform. Therefore, if you really want to do Whatsapp CRM, you should really pay attention to this.

Is drinking coffee a cultural aggression?

Since ancient times, Chinese people drink tea instead of coffee. Drinking coffee is a Western culture, and it is said that it is an African culture. Later it spread to the European continent, and then the Dutch brought this drink to Asia. Leaving aside this cultural dispute, in fact, coffee and tea have something in common. Everyone contains caffeine, but they are not the same (the caffeine in tea is water-soluble, while coffee is not). The amount depends on whether it is roasted or not. However, it depends on how long it takes to bake.

In addition, drinking coffee is good, drinking tea is good, it seems to have another cultural atmosphere. Coffee represents the leisure of Westerners, but tea also represents the elegance of Easterners. However, due to globalization, drinking tea and coffee is like a personal preference.

If you want to get more coffee knowledge, it is recommended to study in a coffee class.

How to send Whatsapp information?

Smart phones have indeed rewritten the lives of modern people. From the past 3G to the current 5G era, mobile phone networks are getting faster and faster. Responding information, watching movies, listening to music, and making movies has become a portrayal of modern people’s lives. It is said that “the machine does not leave the hand.” If you leave the hand, it feels like you are not used to it.

I don’t know if this is the reason. WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook, has spotted this opportunity and launched a new business instant messaging solution for Whatsapp Business, which can help large, medium and small businesses reach more users through Whatsapp, which is like previous emails. Marketing and SMS marketing. But how should a business use Whatsapp to send information?

Here are a few suggestions:

Remember to send multiple times a day. In this blue era of information, I believe that many netizens are so afraid that some people and organizations will send messages to them multiple times a day. This is equivalent to seeing that the weather has turned cold recently. Bored. So Qianqi don’t do this.

Pack advertising information into useful content before sending. Modern people, especially those living in big cities, are used to seeing advertisements and don’t want to be bothered by them anymore, so make sure to package them into some useful content. For example, if you are selling clothes, package them as “clothes like this, show off “Qi” and other matching content.
It must be agreed by the user, and the reason is similar to 1, 2. So remember, remember!