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Whatsapp with glasses?

Now instant messaging software can basically use voice input, and can even change the input text into voice. However, technology is advanced. According to a report by foreign media Android Police, Facebook assistant will allow some wearable devices to send text messages through voice, which will help meta products such as Whatsapp develop in this regard.

However, smart glasses are nothing new. I think the most practical thing is navigation. Turning at that street intersection and making U-turns are the most practical. Of course, this kind of people sending messages may also have a certain effect on products such as Whatsapp API. After all, if there are more wearable devices supporting whatsapp, there will be more opportunities to explore more business opportunities.

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Want to Learn Some Home Repair Skills?

In recent years, many people want to immigrate, so they learn a craft everywhere. Some learn home maintenance, some learn cooking skills and so on. There are also many categories of home maintenance, such as electricians, plumbers, plasterer and so on. In some Western countries, plumber is a profession, and it is said that it is a bonus for skilled immigrants. As for electricians, unless they are registered electricians of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, they are not accepted in the UK and must be re-examined. However, there is no special examination system for plumbers.

In addition, in addition to home repair courses, there is another maintenance course that may be used, that is, cars. In foreign countries, basically everyone has a car. Those who do not have a car can be said to be “lame”, so this immigration maintenance skill should be in great demand.

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Can’t Get into the University or Die?

University is just one stage of life. If you can’t advance, frankly speaking, you don’t have to die. But when it comes to the question, if you read Form 6, what kind of work can you do? If you look at the job search website, there are really not many. Even if the graphic design is more focused on aesthetics, at least there is a diploma to prove that you have studied similar subjects, and you need some design experience. Commercial design is basically different from what you learn in school. In addition to basic design software such as Illustrator, you also need to know a little about Corel Draw, or Auto-CAD and other software.

Therefore, the author believes that if you are overwhelmed, you can’t go to college, you don’t have to die, but the problem is that you need at least an advanced diploma, so it will be easier to find a job first. But there is a difference between those who have a university degree and those who don’t. In addition to the lack of job types, the labor is still a bit worse.

So high school students should figure out as soon as possible what kind of career they want in the future, so that they can arrange it as soon as possible. So what are the ways to choose a university for DSE? Usually through the university JUPAS, if not, you can read High Dip or associate degree, and then enter the university, of course, you must do your best to read High Dip or associate degree, otherwise, you will not be able to read if your GPA is not enough!

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The battle between tea and coffee? Is this cultural aggression?

Tea has an ancient history in the East. According to the Wiki, “tea” was mentioned in literary books written during the Western Han Dynasty. It was not until the Tang Dynasty that tea was carried forward and spread to East Asia, Japan and other places. But later, there was more contact between Eastern and Western cultures, until later in the colonial period of the West in the East, the Dutch brought coffee as a beverage to Asia, and then spread this culture in the region.

Coffee is popular among young people nowadays. Hand-made coffee is more popular, from the process of drying the beans, to roasting, and even brewing. In addition to reporting coffee courses as a hobby, some will buy various appliances, such as hand-made coffee pots, filter cups, filter papers, grinders, etc. It is equivalent to that in the Mainland, when some companies greet their customers, they will have a set of special tea sets, including a kettle, water, tea cups, tea dividers and so on. However, whether it is tea or coffee, it is a process of enjoying it. It is a life experience, not a cultural invasion.

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Why use WhatsApp for marketing?

Whatsapp became popular after the invention of the iPhone. It was reported that at that time, the founder used the iPhone before thinking about whether he could use Whatsapp as his communication software. As a result, Whatsapp was born. With the popularity of the iPhone, Whatsapp became popular in Hong Kong soon. I still remember that the Whatsapp downloaded on the iPhone back then was paid for, and one download cost HK$8. But the Android version does not cost money, and may be “over-popularized”. Later, Whatsapp was acquired by Fb and officially became a service of Fb.

After Fb acquired Whatsapp, it carried out a series of innovations. One of them was to launch the Official Whatsapp API for business users and link this to Whatsapp and Fb business accounts.

When someone asks why you want to use Whatsapp for marketing, the answer is actually very simple. It’s because it’s used by multiple people and it’s free. Why not? Secondly, Whatsapp has also launched many functions through API. One of them is a chat robot. Merchants can connect this robot with their own catering physical stores. When customers scan the QR code of the restaurant, they can have a variety of options. They choose one of them to place an order, in addition to obtain coupons, or participate in some marketing, promotion activities, etc., which is very convenient.

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Can I customize my CRM software?

When doing marketing, sometimes you don’t know the margins, and you can come up with any novel concepts. Therefore, off-the-shelf CRM software is not suitable for all enterprises, and some customization is required. Then to answer the question “I can customize your CRM software”, the answer is yes. But creating it from scratch will definitely increase your budget. In theory, using an existing system to make changes will reduce your budget, but it depends on the actual situation.

However, I think it is better to have a CRM system. Therefore, if your customized CRM software can solve the problem of enterprise customer service management, then you may need to give it a try.

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Golden Financial Seems Like Collapsing

The listed company Goldin Financial has repeatedly reported financial difficulties. After being taken over by creditor Deutschland in the International Center of Goldin Financial in Kowloon Bay and sold for 14 billion yuan, it also sold the Kai Tak land and the Ho Man Tin station project in hopes of cashing out. The debt was repaid, and Ho Man Tin station even “fought a lawsuit” with Cheung Kong. In addition, Pan Sutong, the chairman of the group, mortgaged its properties one after another. The second mortgage shows that the group seems to be unable to hold it anymore!

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Arron Kwok Play With Daughters in Hong Kong

Aaron Kwok has been with his family in Hong Kong since filming the movie “My Dad is Different”. Recently, his family went to Repulse Bay for a spring trip. The children were catching crabs there. He also performed “Stones”. The family really had a great time. Excited.

A few days ago, “City Sister-in-law” also posted photos on social media. In addition to the mother and daughter going to the aquarium to see coral fish, they also posted warm photos of their two daughters and their father catching crab cubs.

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Bitcoin rises up to 48,000 USD

Recently, because Tesla founder Musk publicly stated that the company invested 1.5 billion US dollars, the bitcoin rose to 48,000 US dollars. In addition, he said that the company will pay bitcoin in the near future!

Actually, bitcoin has not risen for the first time. Recently, it may be because the real economy was created by the epidemic. In the case of the flood of funds, someone invested in bitcoin, hoping to get some return.