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Eric Tsang Took Over New Role as TVB senior

Eric Tsang was photographed by the media yesterday and returned to TVB as deputy general manager in charge of variety shows and information programs on the first day. He returned to the company in a 7-person car at 10 o’clock. For administrative staff, most of them wear suits and ties, but Eric does not have a style. He wears jeans, sneakers, and a suit jacket. He is very stylish.

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香港人認真「識食」但未必「惜食」。有鑑於此,有 NGO 膳心連早前舉辦惜食填色畫畫比賽,並在迪士尼酒店舉行頒獎典禮,還邀請了酒店行政總廚,在場演講發表關於惜食的措施,例如用食剩的麵包做布甸、魚骨、茶葉煲湯,用水果做咖哩,吃剩的白飯做炒飯等等…..

今年六歲就讀幼稚園的妹妹鄭宇欣稱,平時學校與父母都會教她關於惜食的重要性,食幾多夾幾多,不要浪費。她還稱今次活動好開心讓她製作可愛 Cookie 的小蛋糕!