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Live house 要沒落嗎?

Live house 一個播放現場音樂的地方,專門給一些獨立音樂人去演出,演奏,或做個人專輯發表的地方。在香港,不知為何這種 live house 通常與餐廳、食肆、或酒吧結合?或者飲飲食食才可以增加收入,單單賣現場音樂,在香港的市場不夠大。尤其在 live house 表演那些都是寂寂無名的獨立音樂人,根本不會帶來什麼經濟效益吧。

那麼 live house 在香港沒落嗎?這也不好說,雖然香港的 live house 的確發展比較慢,而且因為租金,人工等因數限制了本地 live house 的發展。那麼政府政策可以協助這個行業發展嗎?筆者相信政府的政策或者可以幫到些微,但最主要的是業界要多做點宣傳,成立協會去推廣 live house 文化,而不是每樣事情都等政府解決。所以沒落,不沒落是看業界的取態,如果繼續是 「怨天尤人」毫無上進,沒落基本上是肯定的,如果能結合業界的力量,或者可以闖一片天。

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不想不想還得想 – Live house 的前程編

Live house 中文翻譯做『展演中心』或『展演場地』,即辦展覽及演出的地方。在香港辦展覽有會展,有酒店,有不同的小型場館。但如果想辦演唱會,就不是有很多地方了,大型的有紅館、伊館,麥花臣,不過小型場館就不是很多。藝人可以選擇街頭演出,或者在一些 live house 裡演出。

香港的Live house 數來數去也只是三、四間,很多都不只是經營演出場地,而是餐廳,酒吧的混合體。如果要數真的演出場地,或者就只有 “This Town Needs” 又或者位於灣仔的 “The Hub”了。這兩個都是一流的演出場地,有音響,有燈光,也可容納 100 多人!

不過香港最大問題都是租金的問題,雖則近月社會動盪,業主願否減租,與中小企度過難關也是一個問題,所以香港的 live house 前程是這樣?真的天曉得了!

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Going to Shanghai to go shopping? Go to live house and listen to music (2)

Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city. From the previous Qing Dynasty to China, it has attracted many foreigners to invest, work and visit. Although China has only been open for more than 30 years, its development has changed from the past. Although Hong Kong is also an international city, the development in recent years has made many foreign investment deterred. It is willing to enter the Chinese mainland directly and not come to Hong Kong. Therefore, if Hong Kong people really want Hong Kong to continue to be China’s window, they should go to the Mainland. Take a walk and see, don’t always put politics in the mouth. Although the country does not agree with certain policies, after all, China can develop into the status quo, and it can be achieved by the characteristics that the Western countries do not have. A Hong Kong person must recognize it.

When I go to work in Shanghai, I have to take it easy. The live house that I introduced to you this time is based on the Jazz style. Jazz gives a lazy feeling, go here, don’t sleep!


Ren Yuqing, the founder of Jzclub, was a Beijing musician and later went to Singapore to study music. After graduating, I went back to Shanghai to develop, and then started his jazz road. In 2004, I started JZ club jazz in Shanghai. Every day, different Chinese and foreign friends play here. It is a jazz fan who will come to the Holy Land.

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Live house 之自己愛情自己捍衛

Yunni is not a regular Hong Kong woman, because she has the gentleness of her sister, and the staunchness of Hong Kong women. When she meets her boyfriend, she must defend her. And her boyfriend Jack, who knows in the live house where he lives, is a very talented person, because he is too talented, often there are a lot of mad bees around Jack, making Yunni very upset.

However, the mad bee butterfly also used the color lure to embrace the hug, so that Jack could not resist, and finally the female fan named Chole Wu was secretly tied, and finally a relationship occurred. Winnie knows that she is very sad, of course, but she does not blame Jack, but plans to serially defend the love, let this Chole Wu die….

Yunnie felt that all men were greedy and forgetful. He saw that Hu Liqing was very hot and had angels. So she began to learn how to dress up, and also participated in those breast enhancement treatments, making herself more like a “goddess”……..

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Live house 追求更真,更實在的現場音樂

Live house 與線上音樂平台不同,它追求是現場的質感,所以觀眾面向有些不同,不過因為國家現在也慢慢開始注重知識產權, 因為網上平台的版權費用也很貴,所以一些行業老大會發掘一些唱作歌手,與他合作,利用 live house 搞線下音樂會,去扶持他。而一些行業老大的啟動基金也有支持著這些年青音樂創作人,不過效果如何,坦白説很難去預測。

不過 live house 在內地需要成長,或者就要告訴一些喜歡聽現場音樂的人士,他的質感是不一樣的,與歌手的互動也不一樣的,非常之近距離,是給年青小伙子、小妮子一個感情抒發的地方,將他們的讀書或者工作壓力排除,的確是一種高級的娛樂享受。