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Food delivery on River

Modern food delivery is very different from the 1980s and 1990s. The delivery staff used to belong to the low-level industry, but now they belong to the noble industry. Many of the delivery staff who participate in the food delivery are free to work. They can go to work whenever they like to go to work, and the income can be settled, which is really suitable for modern people.

And the delivery company will also have more delivery methods depending on the region. For example, in Hong Kong, you can choose to use a scooter (motorcycle, bicycle, etc.), or walk delivery. These methods are of course not very novel, but in Thailand, some takeaways give up his original rigid freight work and start delivery services on the river.

It happened because he received an order one day and called the customer and found out that he was fishing on a nearby river, so the delivery man decided to punt the boat to deliver the food, which became this weird picture.

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單食 XO 醬的滋味

醬料可以單單放入口嗎?這視乎情況。例如豉油很鹹,所以一般不會單放入口的,會連同一些食材,或者攪勻米飯,麵等,才放入口。但一些醬料例如蕃茄醬,單放入口有種甜酸的感覺,所以這樣吃,也不覺得很難入口。又例如 XO醬,單吃雖然有點鹹,但也有種香辣的感覺,所以與單將豉油放入口,感覺是不同的。