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Mandarin Singers List

There are a lot of Mandarin singers, from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and all over the world. Some big names singers like Jay Chau, Jolin Tsai, AMei, David Tao, Hebe Tian, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau … are among the famous singers. But recently there are a group of younger singers that also sing very beautifully, e.g. Crowd Lu, Eric Chau, Yoga Lin, Jia Jia, G.E.M, etc.

They are some of the most talented Mandarin songs singers today. GEM probably is the most famous in the group. She went to a lot of competitions in Mainland and became famous, and she has a powerful voice though she is a small lady is size.

Anyway this is some singers I think they performed well in the Mandarin pop song market today.

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New Mandarin Songs

New songs are coming everyday but what are the new songs for today? Here is the list of brand new mandarin pop songs from Youtube: (Because they are mandarin songs, only Chinese titles will be provided)

JJ Lin 《倖存者》

JiaJia 家家 /龔鈺祺 《夏天的浪花》


Janice Yan 閻奕格 《Let everything happen》