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Whatsapp with glasses?

Now instant messaging software can basically use voice input, and can even change the input text into voice. However, technology is advanced. According to a report by foreign media Android Police, Facebook assistant will allow some wearable devices to send text messages through voice, which will help meta products such as Whatsapp develop in this regard.

However, smart glasses are nothing new. I think the most practical thing is navigation. Turning at that street intersection and making U-turns are the most practical. Of course, this kind of people sending messages may also have a certain effect on products such as Whatsapp API. After all, if there are more wearable devices supporting whatsapp, there will be more opportunities to explore more business opportunities.

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Why use WhatsApp for marketing?

Whatsapp became popular after the invention of the iPhone. It was reported that at that time, the founder used the iPhone before thinking about whether he could use Whatsapp as his communication software. As a result, Whatsapp was born. With the popularity of the iPhone, Whatsapp became popular in Hong Kong soon. I still remember that the Whatsapp downloaded on the iPhone back then was paid for, and one download cost HK$8. But the Android version does not cost money, and may be “over-popularized”. Later, Whatsapp was acquired by Fb and officially became a service of Fb.

After Fb acquired Whatsapp, it carried out a series of innovations. One of them was to launch the Official Whatsapp API for business users and link this to Whatsapp and Fb business accounts.

When someone asks why you want to use Whatsapp for marketing, the answer is actually very simple. It’s because it’s used by multiple people and it’s free. Why not? Secondly, Whatsapp has also launched many functions through API. One of them is a chat robot. Merchants can connect this robot with their own catering physical stores. When customers scan the QR code of the restaurant, they can have a variety of options. They choose one of them to place an order, in addition to obtain coupons, or participate in some marketing, promotion activities, etc., which is very convenient.